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Toshiba 7.7 inch quad core Tegra 3 AT270 tablet with AMOLED display

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One of the prototypes showcased at MWC 2012 and not announced officially was a quad core Tegra 3 tablet from Toshiba which adopts the 7.7 inch form factor. I think this and the 8.9 inch format are probably the best compromise for mobility while keeping the display area at a comfortable size. I personally find the 7 inch Blackberry Playbook to be a little bit on the smaller side and the Apple iPad 2 too big to carry around.

Anyway, let’s get back to the 7.7 inch quad core Toshiba tablet, a far cry in terms of design from last year’s Toshiba Thrive slate, which adopted a rubbery rugged design, very thick and heavy. That’s not the case with the current prototype that features a metallic case with rounded edges and a back texture that inspires build quality.

This prototype tablet is also extremely thin, and comes with an AMOLED display, 1280 x 800 pixels, which gives it a pixel density of 196 PPI, much more than the 150 ppi of typical 10 inch slates. Images appear sharper and a special glossy treatment makes colors pop up, at the expense of increased reflections. I can’t say which situation I prefer more, but surely the images embedded in this post show vibrant colours.

The majority of specs are unknown, but we do know it’s powered by Android 4.0, the codename is AT270 and comes with 1GB RAM (which is pretty much standard). I hope Toshiba manages to finish this product, as we’re already waiting for the thin AT200 to appear for a long time.

Here’s a hands on with Toshiba’s quad core AT270 7.7inch tablet:

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