I don’t know if you remember, but when Samsung redesigned its slates for 2011 it announced two models, the already popular Galaxy TAB 10.1 and a smaller and slimmer Galaxy TAB 8.9 tablet. Curiously enough, we haven’t heard about the smaller tablet up until recently, when someone noted it become available for preorder on Amazon UK shop.

    The model listed has a 3G modem, uses a white case for a distinctive look and prides itself with only 465 grams weight (a little bit over a pound) and is only 9 mm thick (0.35 inches). That’s what I call slim and light. There’s no mention on other specs, but I hope screen resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels, not the lower 1024 x 600 px found in 7 inch tablets. It would be a shame for Samsung to put a low res screen, as displays are their specialty: tests have proven the one on the Galaxy TAB 10.1 is better than the iPad 2.

    One observation I have, from looking at the image at the end of the post, is that Samsung seems to preload the recently announced TouchWiz UI on the Galaxy TAB 8.9 (PenMemo is a Samsung app). This is good news, but not that important since you can update to TouchWiz by yourself.

    Samsung Galaxy 8.9 availability details and pricing

    Price is pretty restrictive, at £600, but there’s a chance it gets updated on August 12th, to align it to other competing tablets. Right now it’s just too high to consider even tying the tablet. Also I hope to see a WiFi only Galaxy TAB 8.9, for $400 maybe, in US. It could make for a sweet deal. We’ll have to wait until Samsung lists the price and availability in US, which I hope happens no latter than end of August, just in time for Back to School season.

    Sleek looks for Samsung Galaxy TAB 8.9

    Sleek looks for Samsung Galaxy TAB 8.9