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HP Slate tablet: coming 2010

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After the Microsoft and HP announcement of their Slate device during CES little info leaked on the web about what we’ll actually get to buy later this year and an official interview released by HP brings new info but ignoring sensible areas like hardware used and price but at least we know the device was in works from 5 years ago and was ready two years ago but the problem that prevented them from actually deliver it was the lack of software support and customer interest.

Now that things evolved, people got to use small devices, eReaders are everywhere and Windows 7 brings native touch support HP thinks it’s the ‘perfect storm’ and they are committed on launching their Slate type tablet sometime in 2010. From the short video clip below we’ve learned that more than 10 prototypes were made in all those 5 years while it was in development and most of them were tested by actual clients and the feedback received was heard and took into consideration in building the next prototype.

We know now for sure that the HP Slate will run Windows 7 (probably Home Premium) and will allow jumping via a special on-top interface from eBook mode to media mode, will have dedicated apps for subscriptions to New York Times and other magazines which will follow the digital editions trend in 2010. Price, also a sensible issue, will be in the affordable range, according to HP, but I wouldn’t know how to translate this in an actual value.

Source: Geardiary

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