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Google introduces Chrome for Android tablets (Beta and no Flash)

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The default browser used by Android devices is pretty good, but it’s no Chrome for desktops and laptops, that’s for sure. So while I was wondering why Google doesn’t bring its very popular browser to the Android OS, it did just that, announcing today officially the beta version of Chrome for Android tablets and smartphones [Market link].

For now the Chrome browser will coexist with the default one found in Android, but I’m pretty sure that at some point we’ll see a switch between the two, with Chrome taking over completely. The current beta works only with Android 4.0 ICS devices, so if you’re like 99% of the world you’re out of luck for now. And I’m not making this number up.

Now let’s get back to actual browser and see what makes it so special. First there’s the bookmark sync with your Chrome browser installed on your PC (I was waiting for this for a long time), then there are the smart suggestions that take into account your entire history when you start typing an address, view open tabs function that allows you to open tabs you left open on your desktop, plus a very clean interface, which looks a lot like the desktop version, as expected.

Flash is not supported, nor do I know if it ever will, but since Adobe announced it will cease development of Flash for mobile I’m thinking Flash is out of the question from future smartphones and tablets.

Here’s the official video from Google presenting Chrome for Android:

And this is a hands on preview from Gottabemobile:

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