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Dell promises 10 inch Windows 7 tablet for professionals

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Today Dell announced a lot of new portables, workstations and products for businesses. No tablets unfortunately, but they did hinted at a few models coming down the road till end year. And since today’s event was for businesses, guess who’s the target for Dell’s upcoming 10 inch Windows 7 tablet?

It’s for business professionals, or course. Probably it will be a direct competitor to HP Slate, another Windows 7 tablet for professional users. Dell failed (on purpose) to give any details, but mentioned it’s for those “who need greater mobility, as well as IT organizations that demand control, security, manageability and integration with existing infrastructure investments”. They’ve described perfectly Windows 7, not the tablet itself, because you can tweak Windows to do anything for you by installing the correct apps, plus the OS is compatible with any devices like TPM modules and fingerprint readers, that increase security to a satisfactory level for any business.

Another announced tablet was the Dell XT3, a 12.1 inch diagonal typical tablet PC, so expect a familiar view this time. We’ve got a picture of the 10 inch Windows 7 tablet. It’s got no distinctive element on front and sides, as you can expect from a slate these days. Come on Dell, give use more details!

Dell's working on a 10 inch Windows 7 tablet
Dell’s working on a 10 inch Windows 7 tablet
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