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10 inch Lenovo with Tegra 3 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich to arrive before end year

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The first quad-core tablet to arrive is the sleek and sexy ASUS EEE Pad Transformer Prime, a convertible slate we’ve been talking about several times here, but the exclusivity is not set to last long, as rumors point towards Lenovo launching their own Tegra 3 slate before the end of this year.

‘And so what?’ I hear you say. Well, Lenovo has some interesting features not found on the Transformer Prime, and better tech specs to brag with. First there’s the 2GB RAM DDR3 1600, twice the amount found on any tablet running a mobile OS (so I’m not talking about Windows 7 slates). Second there’s the slightly higher clocked 1.66 GHz Tegra 3 T33 SoC (System on a Chip), a full size USB port (Transformer Prime places the full size USB port on the docking keyboard) and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The full size USB port is hidden behind a door, which doesn’t inspire confidence for long term reliability, but keeps the tablet look clean nonetheless.

Lenovo's tablet features a fancy Special Fusion-Skin Body
Lenovo’s tablet features a fancy Special Fusion-Skin Body

Now you begin to understand why Lenovo’s upcoming 10 inch quad core tablet seems rather interesting. Oh, and from the pictures we’ve got from Engadget, the case of the slate is covered with a ‘Special Fusion-Skin Body’ with an interesting pattern on the back. Nobody know what this actually means, so be patient a few more days. And speaking of the back, there’s even a fingerprint reader that’s said to act also as an optical trackpad (pretty strange choice and questionable usefulness). Also on the back there’s a digital camera with Flash, but no inscription to mention the number of megapixels, so expect at least five.

No other details have come to our attention at this point, so expect to know more in the next few weeks prior to the actual launch.

Close-up details of Lenovo's quad-core tablet
Close-up details of Lenovo’s quad-core tablet
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