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20% of users should buy an iPad extended warranty & insurance plan [infographic]

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve never purchased insurance or extended warranty for my gadgets. And I don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. Maybe because I’m used to the two years mandatory warranty in Europe, or maybe because I exchange my gadgets pretty often and paying more for warranty and insurance doesn’t seem worth it.

But there are people who should consider insurance, as a new infographic reveals some interesting data about iPads destroyed by accident or malfunctioning due to various components that stop working.

Apparently the iPad 2 is 3.5 times more prone to accidental damage than the 1st generation Apple tablet. The most causes of reported accidents include drops while handling, fell off the table, driveway/in car incidents, children, improper bag storage, banged against a tough(er) object, spills and pets. Roughly one in 10 people have damaged their iPad 2 tablet this way.

Also the second gen iPad is almost 10.1 % sure to malfunction in the first 12 months from purchase. The 1st iPad malfunctioned in 3.7% of the cases. Common components that fail are the battery/power, speakers, software, the main button and the touchscreen.

If you can’t do anything about the components failure I’m pretty sure you can solve some accidents by purchasing carrying cases for the new iPad. Here’s the infographic:

Causes that break your iPad
Causes that break your iPad

Here’s a nice comparison chart of iPad warranty and insurance plans [via]:

iPad 3rd Gen Protection Plans 2 Year Price Deductible # of Claims Accidental? Loss/Theft Disaster
AppleCare+ $99 $49 2 Yes No No
Credit Card $0 $0 1 per purchase No No No
Protect Your Bubble $137 and Up $75 2 Yes Yes No
SquareTrade $89 $50 on Drop Spill at least 2 repairs Yes No No
Worth Ave Group $174 $50 1 – Quoted Coverage Yes Yes Yes
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