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Zagg ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ iPad Keyboard Review

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Zagg is a well known iPad accessories manufacturer and their latest ZaggKeys Profolio+ illuminated keyboard is probably the best one you can buy today. It’s not cheap, but if you’re typing a lot on your Apple iPad then this is the one to buy. Functionally, the ZaggKeys Profolio Plus is very similar to the ZaggFolio I’ve tested earlier this year, but there are some enhancements that make the new model a worthy upgrade, or the choice for new buyers.

First and foremost, the ZaggKeys Profolio+ is now compatible with three generation iPads: the second, third and fourth ones. This means more flexibility for you and if Apple doesn’t change much on their fifth gen iPad there’s a chance you can use this keyboard case on that one too.

Design and construction

The Profolio+ combines a sturdy protective case with a slim, light and comfortable Bluetooth Keyboard. Let’s take them one at a turn.

The casing looks to be made from some sort or rubber and feels like it will be able to handle bumps and shocks quite well. The exterior finishing tries to mimic leather, but to me it looks more like soft rubber then faux leather.

ZaggKeys Profolio+
ZaggKeys Profolio+

From the images embedded in this review, you’ll notice that the iPad slides snugly into the lid-cover of this case while the keyboard occupies the lower part. Together, the two make for a compact and sturdy pack, that should offer protection for your slate, plus the utility.

The two parts of the Profolio+ are tied together by magnets, and although the latch isn’t perfectly tight, it does a decent job at holding the entire thing closed. When you want to use the keyboard, the upper part slides easily and the iPad sits into its dedicated stand.

The keyboard

The chiclet keyboard itself is actually very good and remind me a lot of the keyboards you get on MacBooks. While the entire body is slim, the keys do offer proper travel and feedback, thus fast-typing on this keyboard is going to be accurate and comfortable, especially once you’re going to get used to the layout. The keyboard is also backlit, and you can adjust both the illumination intensity, but also switch between 7 different colors for the LEDs behind the keys.

Keyboard is backlit
Keyboard is backlit

Besides that, the top row of keys on the ZAGG Profolio+ have been assigned special actions that will come quite handy when using the iPad, like a quick Home button, media controls, Copy/Paste and others.

Except for those, there aren’t many buttons or connectors on the Profolio+ . There’s a special key that lets you know the charge status of the battery, plus an ON/OFF switch and a Pair button, that are hidden behind the iPad when placing it on the stand. Of course, the keyboard connects to the iPads via Bluetooth and the pairing process couldn’t be more simple than it is: turn the keyboard on, turn the iPad’s Bluetooth connection on, press the pairing button, tap the Zagg Profolio+ in the list of recognized devices and you’re connected.

Battery status;  Pairing button
Battery status; Pairing button

I should also add that the keyboard charges via USB and the battery will last for weeks, maybe even more, with one charge. I’ll update this article once the battery depletes for the first time.

The conclusion

All in all, the ZAGGKeys Profolio+ does mostly everything right. The keyboard is excellent, even better than most laptop keyboards these days, the case feels solid and the entire thing is fairly light, sturdy and compact, sitting at less than 1 inch thick with the iPad inside and close to 2.4 pounds in weight.

On the other hand, there are still a couple of things that could potentially steer you away from this one. First, the keys aren’t full-size, so for those of you with big hands, that could be an issue. But one that was expected on such a compact device nonetheless. Then, you can only use the iPad in Landscape mode with this keyboard case and there’s no way to adjust the viewing angle, as the docking unit is fixed in place.

And last but not least, there’s the price. The Profolio+ retails at $140 in the US and 140 euros in Europe. That’s steep for sure and you can find cheaper keyboard cases on the market right now. But if typing on your iPad is your thing, to be frank, I don’t think you’ll be able to find a more accurate and more comfortable keyboard made for it than this one. And I’ve seen quite a bunch of them over the years.

Zagg ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ Video Review

And if you’re like me and don’t like reading much, here’s a video review for your viewing pleasure:

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