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Why is Samsung failing in setting the price for Galaxy Tab

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Clearly the Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most interesting tablets launched at IFA Berlin, if not the most important. But there’s one thing that bothers me, and probably other users also: Samsung failed to mention a price last week.

And that’s not everything, as a lot of speculation has surfaced on the Galaxy Tab, with prices ranging from 99EUR to 799 EUR. That’s a too wide range to consider anything that doesn’t come from Samsung officially.

So, let’s see now a few bits of info that most likely confused us all than shed light on the pricing matter of Galaxy Tab:

  • lists the tablet for preorder at 799 EUR. It’s unlocked, but no availability date is given
  • UK will see the Galaxy Tab in the 200 to 400 $ range, depending on storage size and Vodafone’s subsidy – via Slashgear
  • US will get it in the 200 to 300 $ range, says Engadget, so it will be a little bit more pricey than the Galaxy S smartphone
  • O2 is looking into a 99 EUR price, with a two year 27.5 EUR/month subscription. Add those numbers up and we’re into the 800 EUR territory

So, where is Samsung going with this nonsense, failing to set a price for the 7 inch Galaxy Tab, a tablet that wants to compete with Apple’s iPad offering. If you ask me I believe Samsung is still looking into reports and market strategies to understand where it should position their slate. It’s not easy, as some users, like me, see tablets as a mobile companion meant to replace netbooks, but not a fully fledged laptop, so price should fall in between a netbook and a smartphone, not rise toward a notebook. That means a price of around 300, 350 dollars for a good slate. Given the fact that companies like Archos are selling Android tablets for less I don’t see the point of a 1000$ Samsung Galaxy Tab, even if it’s the best tablet the world has seen.

Yeah, you might say that a nice subsidized Galaxy Tab would be the solution. Now, I ask you: how many 3G data subscriptions are you willing to pay for monthly besides the smartphone and laptop, which you already own. What’s next? A watch with 3G data enabled chip? Madness should stop today: get those tablets dirt cheap and we’ll buy them, even buy new one at a rate that will make everyone win.

Samsung, get your head together!
Samsung, get your head together!
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