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Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.0 Plus Android Tablet Unboxing

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I’ve been meaning to test the Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.0 Plus tablet since it was announced last year, but it wasn’t until today Samsung kindly send me one to review. So this are my first unboxing conclusions (and a video at the end of the post). A quick look article and a comprehensive review will follow soon.

So, my first encounter with the a Galaxy TAB from 2011 has revealed a carefully put together product, starting with the box, very small in size and packaged with great care. I think Samsung has nothing to be shamed when comparing the unboxing experience with Apple, which is known for taking great care of this apparently meaningless point.

Box contents:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablet
  • Universal Charger with adapter for North American market
  • USB cable
  • A pair of white headphones with volume control
  • Various rubber earbuds
  • Instructions guide

The tablet itself is very small and light. It’s a huge difference when compared with the iPad, no matter which generation we’re comparing. Screen size is also significantly smaller, and you’ll need adjustment, but mobility is far superior thanks to the smaller footprint. You can’t have everything, that’s for sure.

Samsung Galaxy TAB 7 Plus box contents
Samsung Galaxy TAB 7 Plus box contents

Build quality is great, even if the Galaxy TAB 7.0 Plus doesn’t have a full aluminium body like the iPad. The back panel is made from plastic with a nice white finish that makes is harder to see fingerprints (but they’re there, don’t worry). The sides of the tablet are slightly rounded and made from a gray aluminium like plastic (I’m pretty sure now it’s not aluminium).

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At the first boot up I’ve seen that Honeycomb 3.2 OS loads up pretty quicky and there are just a few steps before you can start tweaking the tablet. Overall a nice experience. I’ll leave you with the unboxing video for now.

I’ll start working at the quick look article and play more with the tablet for now. Let me know what you want to find out about the Samsung Galaxy TAB 7 Plus and I’ll try to cover all your concerns and questions.

Here’s the unboxing video:

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