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Arkon TAB802 Heavy Duty 22″ Tablet C-Clamp Mount Arm Review

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I’ve tested all kinds of accessories for iPad and other tablets here at AllTouchTablet in the past couple of years, but Arkon is the first one to send me a flexible mount arm for tablets. The full name of the product is a little bit more complicated than that: [TAB802] – Heavy Duty 22″ Tablet C-Clamp Mount.

The Arkon TAB802 is an universal arm which can accommodate tablets from 7 to 12 inches form factor. I’ve tried fitting a 13.3 inch external USB monitor and it didn’t fit, so Arkon’s specifications are right. The first thought that goes through your mind when taking this thing out of its box is ‘what’s this thing made off?’. Why? Read below:

Construction and functionality

The Arkon Heavy Duty Tablet C-Clamp Mount is made from aluminium and the company spared no expense on materials. This thing is very heavy and feel solid. Every joint, clamp, knob and joint adjustment feels solid, even if some elements are made from plastic. I have to command the finish, and built quality of the product. You do get a quality product here.

The package contains two elements: the Universal tablet holder and the C-Clamp Mount arm. The arm itself has two joints with their own adjustment knobs and the head mount (the tablet holder goes in there), also with an adjustable knob. The arm is secured in place on your flat-edged desk with the C-Clamp that gives the name of the product. You’ll be using the C-Clamp knob to tighten the arm. Make sure you don’t over tighten it, as it will leave marks on your desk/table/counter surface. It might be a good idea to put a piece of cloth between the clamp and the surface you’re attaching it to.

Your tablet goes into the holder that looks like the robot hand from the power loader used in the movie Aliens, except it has four ‘fingers’, not two, so it’s going to hold your tablet secure. The back of the holder features a dual-T head mount. That’s where the arm head attaches. From the four legs that hold the tablet in place the two at the bottom are spring loaded (that’s why the Arkon Mount Arm is compatible with various tablets). You can adjust the top legs closer or further away from each other as they can glide, just make sure you don’t take them off while the tablet is in place.

As you can see from the photos I’ve took with the Arkon TAB802 Heavy DutyTablet C-Clamp Mount there is an infinite number of positions into which you can adjust the entire assembly, so it’s impossible not to find the perfect setup for your own needs.

Final words

With such a versatile and well built product it’s no wonder this thing costs about $99 on Arkon’s website, but I’ve found it a little bit cheaper on Amazon. If you’re looking for this kind of product this is probably one of the best flexible arms you can buy today. It feels like it’s built to last a long time. That’s a feeling we rarely get today with mainstream products.

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